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Sponsor a Radio Show

Sponsor Radio Shepton by making a one off donation for a particular radio show.

Your business or personal name will be mentioned at the start and the end of the broadcast. Or you can remain anonymous.

!!!  Introductory Offer for 2019  !!!

(apply before end April 2019)

Packages starting at just £100!! To include a logo and a 5 second jingle saying "Radio Shepton: Sponsored by <Your company name> " to be played at the start and the end of the chosen radio show between now and Dec 2019...and probably much more often!

What's involved?

You can also make the following kinds of donations:

A multiple donation for a particular show.

A monthly donation for a fixed period.

Why get involved?

If you are a local business person, or a community minded individual you will appreciate the value of community radio and want to support its inception.

Radio Shepton will be making itself know to all facets of the community and will really enable people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in the growth and community spirit of the town.

Maybe you are a community organisation and you'd like to promote your own activities? Sponsoring a radio show is an excellent way of getting your organisation known in the local vecinity.

This is a way that you can personally support the development and continuation of Radio Shepton at a very low cost. 

How to get involved?

Email radioshepton@gmail.com or accept the Challenge.

Ideal Skills

  • Business and management
  • Commercial Development

Ideal Interests

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and communications

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