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Become a Radio Shepton DJ

This challenge is strictly for volunteers who want to be a DJ on Radio Shepton.

Do you have an idea for a radio show? Or maybe you have one already that you would like to share with Radio Shepton. Either way, it will be great to have you on board, making and presenting regular programmes that can range from a one hour broadcast, to a particular interview, to a regular radio show! We use software.

What's involved?

If you want to be a DJ on Radio Shepton you won't need any experience of broadcasting since our team of volunteers will assist you in familiarising yourself with software. You can have a look at some of its features yourself and take the tour on their website!

Once you are familiar with the website you can receive a small amount of training and then schedule in your own programmes. You can make your own radio shows from your bedroom, the sun lounger or the poolside. As long as you upload it via our Programme Planner we will put it out on air. We do have a bit of small print to sign off, but nothing beyond the usual.

Why get involved?

Maybe you are on a broadcasting and media course and want to boost your work experience or CV?

Maybe you already have a show and want to grow your number of listeners?

Maybe you are a Sheptonian and want to draw attention to local issues or bands?

Maybe you've got a particular taste in music that you want to share?

Maybe you are part of a local group and you'd like to broadcast your interests?

How to get involved?

If you want to join a lively and interesting group of radio enthusiasts you will always get our full support. 

Thank you so much for your interest in becomming a DJ on Radio Shepton! We are very keen to hear all about your brilliant ideas for a Shepton Mallet based programme.

Radio Shepton is a Community Station that provides enjoyment for all ages and tastes. Your programme should be LOCAL and LIVELY! We are interested in just about everything!

The key thing to do is to avoid swearing or using offensive language. Other than that, we want to cover all genres of productions from hip hop to heavy rock and pop and charts music to local bands.

We would now like you to read the Ofcom standards that we follow here at Radio Shepton: Please only submit programmers that fall within these guidelines.

Please submit all demo programmes to as an MP3. Programmes should be in multiples of 30 mins. E.g a 30 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min show. Please state the NAME of your PROGRAMME, YOUR DJ NAME, a LINK to your social media, the TIME and DAY on which you would prefer it to be broadcast AND how many programmes you would like to offer:

Example: My programme is called IN THE MIX with DJ SMIFFY at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DJSMIFFY and I would like it broadcase on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 6PM for 6 WEEKS, ONCE PER WEEK.

Your demo programme will be vetted by Radio Shepton's Board of Trustees. If successful we will notify you within 30 days.

By submitting your programme by email you are agreeing to the following (scroll down)

We really look forward to hearing your show and working with you here at Radio Shepton!

Shepton Radio Broadcasting Policy and Code: Issue 4

Radio Shepton is a community radio station aimed at people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. It is a non-biased entity that is fully inclusive of all community members and does not discriminate against any one individual or group.

Although an internet station and not subject to Ofcom we have based Radio Shepton’s Broadcasting Code on their principles, which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. To ensure that any person under 18 are protected;
  2. To ensure that the radio services provided do not cause harm or are specifically offensive to any particular

individual or group;

  1. To ensure that there is a proper degree of responsibility with respect to the content of any religious

programmes and that such content respects the views of all religions;

  1. To ensure that any material likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime or that could lead to

disorder is not broadcast on the radio station;

  1. To ensure that any broadcast avoids unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations;
  2. To ensure that any broadcast avoids any unwarranted infringement of privacy;
  3. To ensure that all sponsorship broadcast is suitable and is broadcast separately from any programme and

that there is a distinction between sponsorship and advertising;

  1. To ensure that the station maintains editorial control over all programmes and that programmes are not

distorted for commercial purposes.

Quality Standards and Disputes:

The broadcast of a programme does not guarantee any future broadcasts.

The quality of material shall be governed by the Board of Trustees for the Shepton Mallet Community Radio Charitable Trust. It will fall in line with, and not exceed Ofcom standards as published at

The Trustees will be guided by public reactions and our understanding of the different audience for each programme at different times of the day and maintain a website that will enable the audience to make a complaint. All Trustees will meet not less than once a year to revise the Broadcast Policy.

DJ’s and Radio Presenters will be responsible for vetting the content of their pre-recorded shows before submitting them to Radio Shepton and will ensure that guests on their shows are also made aware of the Broadcast Policy.

DJ’s and Radio Presenters will not submit material for broadcast that does not fall in line with this policy.

Radio Shepton’s Trustees cannot be held accountable for the quality of each broadcast. However, it will respond to any complaints to Ofcom punctually and will make the final decision about any corrective actions. Any agreed actions will not be subject to appeal.

The Programme Controller will strive to schedule radio programmes at the times requested by the DJ’s but will have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that broadcasts are scheduled at appropriate times.

Any advertising on Radio Shepton will be legal, decent, honest and truthful according to the UK Code of Advertising Practice and the Advertising Standards Authority.

The provision of a volunteer role is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees. The appointment of a volunteer for a specified period of time does not guarantee their continued involvement. 

Issue date 05-05-2019


Ideal Skills

  • Computers and Technology
  • Teaching and Training Radio Skills
  • Archiving
  • Copywriting
  • Project Management
  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • Radio DJ

Ideal Interests

  • Marketing and communications
  • Programme Researcher
  • Radio DJ

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